I need sunglasses (at Central Park - Issaquah Highlands)

While I wait for tires to get replaced (at Issaquah Coffee Company)

The 14 synthesizers that shaped modern music
John Twells, factmag.com

In 2014 the synthesizer is as important, and as ubiquitous, in modern music as the human voice.The concept is simple enough – a basic circuit generates a tone, and the tone can then be controlled by some sort input, human or otherwise. It’s…

It’s been too long. Still my favorite. (at Espresso Vivace)

Heading out for some espresso. Why is dad carrying his camera?

Current status

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Always amazing to listen to

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This has been the pattern of many important but stalled ideas. They attack problems that are big but, to most people, invisible; and making them work can be tedious, if not outright painful.